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Florals + Strings Summer Workshop 2019

Date:   19th JUNE 2019

Space to Grow have teamed up with The String Orchestra Macramé, to launch their brand new Florals + Strings Workshop, where people design and create a Macramé Floral Hoop.

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Learn some new flowery skills.

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All gardeners would like to increase productivity but at the same time lower maintenance. Space to Grow would be more than happy to offer the needed advice.

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After many years of garden maintenance, Space to Grow has honed our work, with a dedicated non-chemical ethos. As organic gardeners, we avoid the unsightly scorched effect of commercial weed killers, guaranteeing no damage to valuable garden plants, not to mention the environmental advantages of chemical-free gardening. Focus is on horticultural tasks such as plant propagation, effective pruning, soil improvement and compost management, than merely just maintenance.

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Capture the garden in your favourite season. Document the progress of your community garden. Beautiful photographs of your garden party or any event. Just get in touch to see a full portfolio.

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Garden Launch Events

Each of our community gardens and social groups will host a garden party or Open Day event during the course of the year. Showcase the garden, reflect on the progress both in the garden and in the community, as well as introduce potential new members to the group. We will make it happen in style.


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